Oaky Green Week: the results

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Along with a few new habits, places to shop and veggie recipes up our sleeves, we are proud to announce that Oaky Green Week resulted in a significantly reduced carbon footprint for the Oaky team and friends. Keep reading for a summary of our week and everything we got up to.


We were so grateful to receive so much support from our peers and customers in this challenge, including Radisson Blu, Hapi, Travel Electric, Hendrick's Hotel, Happy Hotel and Strakzat.

For insight into the collective impact of our actions, scroll down to the infographic at the bottom of this blog. First, here's a quick recap of the week's activities and what we learned.


Carbon reduction challenge

We met our goal of reducing our collective carbon output by 1 metric tonne and then some!

We challenged ourselves and our community to adopt new habits for a week to lessen our individual carbon footprints. Throughout Oaky Green Week, we carried on with our regular routines, but took care to implement a few key changes.

Some of the pledges we chose from included:

  • Going vegetarian or vegan 
  • Walking or cycling to work
  • Plastic-free shopping
  • Nothing new except food
  • Deleting emails & unplugging devices

Many Oaky team members reported that the main challenge was remembering to do everyday things differently. Once green choices became the new normal however, our pledges were smooth sailing! We helped each other through our pledges with recipe demonstrations, tips and moral support. 💪

Scroll down for the final results we calculated, along with the sources we consulted for said calculations.


Environmental talk for staff and peers

Ally Dragozet, marine biologist and sustainable tourism consultant at Sea Going Green, gave an expert talk to our team and peers about adopting eco-habits in various situations. Here were our favourite tips for lightening your impact at home, in the office and in your hotel.

Oaky green week expert talk-6078

At home

Weekly meal plan. Planning your meals results in less food wastage and less time wasted. Win-win!

Use renewable energy. Look into powering your home with solar, wind or hydro methods

Switch to green cleaning products. Reduce your contribution to chemicals in our water by going non-toxic.


In the office

Invest in eco-friendly technology. Print management software Papercut cuts your paper & energy usage.

Share your journey towards sustainability. Transparency builds trust – externalise your hotel's progress.

Measure, mitigate and offset. Keep track of emissions, aim to reduce them and offset what you can't.


In your hotel

Use water saving devices. Install shower heads like the ComfortSaver to reduce water usage by up to 50%

Conduct an energy audit. Identify and mitigate the highest demands for energy in your hotel. 

Set up a Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Formalise your approaches to sustainable practices.

For more advice on promoting sustainability at your hotel, stay tuned for a bonus lesson on Eco Upselling in Level 2 of The Oaky Upselling Course!


Oaky litterpicking

Although public maintenance in Amsterdam is relatively good, the amount of rubbish left behind in parks and public areas makes protecting natural spaces a challenge. Every piece of litter that is left behind after sunny day picnics affects our immediate environment, whether making their way into our waterways or breaking down into smaller more dangerous pieces.

That's why the Oaky team took it upon themselves to spend an afternoon clearing up one of Amsterdam's most popular parks – Vondelpark.

In total, we gathered over 20 bags of trash from the bushes, grass, water and walkways in the park. Here's a look at our outing:

Blog inline green week-1@2x

Blog inline green week@2x


Oaky Green Week results

Did Oaky Green Week have a tangible impact? All signs point to yes!

Our collective efforts not only forced us to change parts of our daily routines, but helped us avoid approximately 1000kg of CO2! Here's a visual breakdown of our Oaky Green Week results:

Green week infographic@2x

We're pleased to be starting the summer armed with new habits and a great deal more knowledge on the topic of sustainability. We hope you enjoyed following along and that you'll join us for next year's Oaky Green Week! 🎉

Sources for approximate carbon emissions of our activities included:

Impact of various diets
Impact of computer usage
Impact of plastic packaging (toiletries)
Impact of plastic packaging (food)
Impact of imported food
Impact of email sending/storage
Impact of various transport methods


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