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We’re happy to be joining techtalk.travel, a dynamic community of hospitality innovators and an essential resource for educational hospitality tech content! We’re looking forward to developing content alongside them with a particular focus on adding value in Covid circumstances.

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Amongst other things, the pandemic has revealed new advantages of our particular breed of digital upselling – including creating new contactless touchpoints for guests, offering safe experiences and environments to guests and perhaps most importantly, creating delight as a reprieve from lockdown life!

We’re eager to share our findings with others in the techtalk.travel community and likewise, learn from others in this community of experts. Read on for a recap of the video above, where we give examples of the kind of educational, empirical and unbiased content we’ll be providing, on all things upselling!

The key factors that hoteliers need to consider regarding upselling

The content we will be sharing with techtalk.travel will cover many considerations, and seek to expand one’s horizons on each one. In brief, these will include, but are not limited to:

  • what you can upsell
  • who you upsell to
  • what types of guest respond to certain types of upselling
  • how you can use your special upsell offers to create word-of-mouth buzz and  as cornerstones of your marketing campaigns 
  • what works to create satisfaction and delight 

In addition to this data-backed information, we’ll also delve into the core pillars of our product and larger scope learnings. Examples of these include:

  • Automation and how to not only save yourself time and money, but create more accurate targeting, processes and pricing.
  • Modern approaches to upselling. Now more than ever, we see the most success in upselling among hotels that have updated their approach, enlisting input and activity from all departments instead of only the front desk.

How we’ll add value to hotels via techtalk.travel

  1. We want to expose how attainable it is, with the help of technology, to create a fantastic guest experience via online channels, and to do so in as lean and automated a way as possible.
  2. We want to spread the knowledge that upselling can be so much more than only a champagne bottle in the room! It is a way to give your guest agency over their experience, to keep connected with your guest between reservation and check-in, to generate reliable ancillary revenue and, most importantly, to delight your guests.
  3. We want to change the general perception of upselling to an entirely positive one, by demonstrating how to make guests truly appreciate an upsell, through carefully considered timing and targeting.

Learn more about our involvement with techtalk.travel at their website.