Budget Travellers - a growing segment you might be missing out on

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of understanding the different traveller segments and targeting them the right way, with the right offers. In this article, we will touch on a segment which is often overlooked by hoteliers, an oversight which makes them miss out on the potential incremental revenue they can generate from these...
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How SiteMinder Exchange Solves the Hotel Connectivity Conundrum

  In recent years there has been no shortage of technology innovations in the hospitality industry. That’s great because now there are more ways to help hoteliers do their work better, faster, more efficiently. Unfortunately, connectivity and communication between these new tech solutions and property management systems (PMS’) was a challenge from...
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Patrick van der Wardt from Amadeus Shares How Hospitality Tech Can Create ‘Wow Moments’

An industry veteran of 26 years, Patrick van der Wardt, SVP International Sales at Amadeus, has seen his share of development in the hospitality industry, especially where technology is concerned. In a recent interview, he gave us the low-down on his background, his trajectory in the industry as well as his outlook on the future of the hospitality...
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Oaky and Amadeus Launch Two-Way Integration

While hoteliers are looking for more creative ways to accommodate the growing demand for customized service and unique stays, legacy property management systems (PMS) can often make this challenging by slowing down the communication between guests and hotels. This results in lost opportunities for creating an unforgettable experience for the guest...
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How and Why Hotels Should Make Business Travelers Their Priority

With the number of business travelers rapidly increasing, it’s a surprise more hotels are not trying to attract them to their property. Are you making this mistake? If so, we’ll show you why you should correct course and start paying more attention to this undervalued segment. Of course, we’ll also share some ideas on what you can do to attract...
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An Expert’s View on Channel Managers: What You Need to Know

The emergence of the internet has caused direct bookings and the use of travel agents to go down while other booking channels develop. On the one hand, this is great for a hotel’s reach. On the other hand, these new distribution options also bring their challenges: For example, uploading and updating rates and rate disparity. The ideal tool to...
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Boosting Incremental Revenue: Three Steps You Can Take Today

  Today, maximum online visibility and great conversion rates are considered a key to a successful hospitality business. Hotels have understood this and invest a significant part of their revenue to reach out to their target market to boost impressions and generate bookings. But what happens after guests reserve a room? Usually, they are neglected...
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Navigating Today’s Hospitality Tech Jungle and Finding the Right Tools

In every area of our lives technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. New apps seem to be popping up every week. In the hospitality industry, it’s no different. Start-ups and established players alike are finding ways to make life easier for hoteliers by providing them with revenue-generating and productivity-boosting tech solutions. But...
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Millennials: How to Attract them and Why It’s Important

Within two years millennials will make up half the global workforce, by 2025 it will be 75%. Looking at those numbers, there’s no denying they are one of the most important consumer segments. Unfortunately, they have a misplaced reputation for being lazy and obsessed with their smartphones. But, there’s more to this generation than common...
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Oaky and MEWS Property Management System Launch Two-Way Integration

As technology keeps developing, it offers ever-new options for creating personalized experiences in the hospitality industry. Today’s travelers have come to appreciate and often expect this. For them, the customizability of a hotel stay has a large impact on how much they enjoy their trip overall. Hoteliers around the world understand this trend...
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