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covid 19

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COVID Strategy Series: Hotel Marketing and Team Engagement 

Give your hotel marketing a personal touch by nurturing employees’ advocacy of your brand and property    Luis Enrique Galdamez Echeverria, CEO of FashionPotluck.com, shares his expertise on how you can work with HR to keep your team happy, giving them active parts in the effort to keep your business afloat. Read on for universally...
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COVID Strategy Series: Hotel Marketing and Guest Engagement 

Tweak your hotel marketing strategy to keep your customers engaged through periods of low travel.   Covid-19 doesn't need to ruin your business – make changes where possible and reduce any additional barriers to booking. We spoke to three marketing specialists, Katie Hokin, Founder and Director of AccomBoost and Luis Enrique Galdamez Echeverria,...
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COVID Strategy Series: Hotel Marketing Quick Wins

Pivot your hotel marketing strategy to work around the coronavirus crisis   If you're like many in the industry, you've been working on a long-term hotel marketing strategy to gradually attract hotel guests back to your property. We've taken the liberty of asking three experts for a list of quick initiatives to supplement your core strategy,...
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Create a contactless guest journey for your hotel using digital touchpoints

Use the latest in hotel technology to create digital touchpoints for your guests, make them feel safe and comfortable, provide personalised service and implement new hygiene protocols. The Coronavirus outbreak brought new developments to parts of our lives that previously seemed unchangeable, simply because we'd become so used to a certain way of...
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How to optimize revenue strategy with rate optimization

While the past several weeks haven’t been easy, it’s no secret that the recovery period will also be a challenging time for hoteliers. A strong revenue management strategy which allows you to secure market share and maximize average spend is the key to success in this time of slowly growing demand.  To help you create such a strategy for your...
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How hoteliers can foresee when their guests will return

If you’re reading this, the chances are that the world of hotelling is a big part of your work or personal life. They’re certainly a part of SiteMinder’s – the industry’s leading guest acquisition platform and a long-time partner of ours at Oaky. They’re also the creators of the World Hotel Index, which launched in recent weeks to provide...
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How to manage hotel staff during times of crisis and unemployment

Strong leadership builds team engagement, which is always important, but it plays an especially big role during times of crisis.  As you navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects on your property, how has your relationship with your staff changed? Which measures have you had to take to protect your business? Unfortunately, many hotels have...
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Oaky COVID-19 statement (updated)

July 1st, 2020 Dear Oaky hoteliers and hosts,  First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your near ones are well.  It’s only been 3 months since our first COVID statement, and it’s remarkable to see how quickly things have changed. However tough it may be - we are finally seeing signs of positives and there are new opportunities we’d like to...
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Free Software & Courses for Hotels during COVID-19

Last updated: 29 June 2020 Facing the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted hotel markets around the world unlike anything we’ve seen before. Given the situation’s gravity, it’s unsurprising that hoteliers around the world are struggling. To help you navigate this time as well as possible and get back on your feet after the crisis, we’ve put together a...
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