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Guest-inspired upselling for boosted conversion

Despite a steady onslaught of new challenges, keeping guest interests a top priority remains a concern for every hotelier. We all know that being in the hospitality business means so much more than earning revenue – it means truly caring about guest experience, no matter what has been spent.   The past year has thrown us all through a loop,...
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Applied upselling: Van der Valk on hotel guest satisfaction

Here at Oaky, we spend a lot of time discussing the many benefits of upselling, like boosting ancillary revenue, cross-selling services from departments across the hotel and most importantly,  improving your guest’s experience. How does this look when you apply it to a real-life hotel operation?  Find out now from Nienke Rusticus, Front Office...
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The effect of creative upselling on your incremental revenue

Harness the psychology of upselling to generate steadfast incremental revenue in a period of low demand.   In the unstable period hoteliers now find themselves in, creative, thoughtful upselling has more agency than ever. Hotels like XO Hotels in Amsterdam are demonstrating how leaning into one's upselling strategy and thinking outside the box can...
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How Cross Hotels & Resorts Use Upselling to Uplift Ancillary Revenue

For hoteliers, embracing technology is the key to staying ahead of your competition and creating a unique guest experience. On top of being a great way to make your guests happy, the right hotel tech can also increase your revenue. Now you’re probably wondering which solutions those are… Here’s a tip: Automated pre-arrival upselling is a great...
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How H-Hotels Started Driving Incremental Revenue with Upselling

As a hotelier, you’re probably always looking to do two things: find new ways to make sure your guests have a great time and increase your revenue. While that sounds fairly straightforward in theory, making it happen in practice can often feel a lot more challenging, right? The good news: pre-arrival upselling is a great way to make both your...
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Catching up with clients: Clinton Campbell from Apex Hotels

During a recent chat about life, work and all the good stuff in between, Clinton Campbell, Commercial Director at Apex Hotels, shared how Oaky has been making his life easier.  Here’s what he said…   Fun things first Before we talk business, let’s get to know Clinton first.  Originally from South Africa, he moved to the UK in 2002. Clinton has...
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How the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin uses Oaky to boost ancillary revenue

Upselling has become a buzzword, and for a good reason. It helps hoteliers generate more revenue from their inventory, sell ancillary services and increase a guest’s average spend and their satisfaction. That all sounds pretty good, right? Thanks to automated upselling platforms, upselling can be almost effortless. Once you decide what you want to...
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Catching up with clients: Jelle Landman from Grand Hotel ter Duin

We recently visited Jelle Landman, General Manager at Grand Hotel ter Duin, at his beautiful property to catch up on life in scenic Zeeland and learn how Oaky has been making it easier for Jelle and his team to interact with guests and provide amazing service. Here’s what he said…   A long-standing, successful partnership Since the Grand Hotel ter...
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How Oaky Helps Improve Revenue Management and Technology Communication

Meet Gopu Gopakumar Menon is the Executive Vice President Revenue & Distribution for Highgate. He oversees eight key markets in Europe with a current focus on acquisitions. (He gets to run the show and look for new offerings). He needs to know everything from discovering new hotels available for purchase to understanding what affects the market....
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