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Oaky and protel Launch Integration

Missing integrations between hospitality tech solutions can make using even the best applications a source of extra work for hotel staff. Our many customers who use protel, one of the industry’s biggest hotel tech solution providers, have brought this issue to our attention and requested an integration to make using Oaky easier and quicker....
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Millennials: How to Attract them and Why It’s Important

Within two years millennials will make up half the global workforce, by 2025 it will be 75%. Looking at those numbers, there’s no denying they are one of the most important consumer segments. Unfortunately, they have a misplaced reputation for being lazy and obsessed with their smartphones. But, there’s more to this generation than common...
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Oaky and MEWS Property Management System Launch Two-Way Integration

As technology keeps developing, it offers ever-new options for creating personalized experiences in the hospitality industry. Today’s travelers have come to appreciate and often expect this. For them, the customizability of a hotel stay has a large impact on how much they enjoy their trip overall. Hoteliers around the world understand this trend...
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When every complaint is an opportunity to surprise

Any hotel in the world is just one touch of a button away. So how can you engage with guests to create loyalty? Let’s step back a couple of months. Professor Vincent Magnini and I discussed his research on loyalty. He explained how hotel guests are bombarded with information and in order to get their full attention, hotels must find ways to...
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