9 Easy Ways to Increase Your Hotel Revenue

  After trying various tactics of shifting room rates up and down and getting limited results, increasing hotel revenue might seem much easier said than done. But there are many other ways to boost revenue which often go overlooked. In this post, we highlight nine ideas to increase revenue within a week, a quarter or over the course of a year.  3...
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Why Segmentation is the First Step to Creating a More Personalized Guest Experience

  In a recent blog post, we discussed what hotels should do to accommodate business travellers’ needs and why that’s so important. But business travellers aren’t the only segment a hotel can identify and cater to. That’s why today we are taking a step back to look at how hotels can use segmentation to categorize guests depending on, for example,...
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Free Checklist: Creating The Best Upsell Offer

Looking for an easy way to improve your guests’ experience and boost ancillary revenue? Upselling and cross-selling are two great ways to do both at the same time… if you know how to do it. Are you wondering why nobody is opting into your offers and want to improve your upselling game? Or do you want to start off on the right foot from the...
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3 Deals Hotels Should Upsell During Christmas

When you think of Christmas, you think of family time, Christmas dinners, hot cocoa at the fire place, Christmas trees, board games and Christmas carols. They all give you that wonderful, warm, Christmas spirit. How do you bring this holiday cheer to your hotel guests? Download '3 Things Hotels Should Upsell During Christmas' to get inspired!  
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10 Easy Ways to Boost Hotel Guest Experience - and Your Revenue with Upselling!

Today it’s all about the experience. Whether they are shopping online, going out to eat or staying at a hotel, people want more than just a transaction. They want an experience they can remember and share. And if it will add that little bit of extra convenience to their day, even better! Many hoteliers have understood this and are looking for ways...
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Three Things to Know to Help You Pick the Best Upselling Tool

With the hospitality industry becoming more and more competitive, the pressure on the management to achieve better results is ever increasing. This is why many hoteliers look for ways to boost their revenue by making the most of every single booking. Of course, technology can be a big help here – after all, there are countless tools available...
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3 ways to increase ADR and RevPAR with 0% commission

  There are only 3 certainties in life; death, taxes and high commission rates on OTA reservations… The hotel industry is a continuously changing landscape. Ever since my first day in hospitality, each day has been different, and the industry is generally a wild roller coaster ride for everyone involved. Nevertheless, there are some constants...
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Budget Travellers - a growing segment you might be missing out on

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of understanding the different traveller segments and targeting them the right way, with the right offers. In this article, we will touch on a segment which is often overlooked by hoteliers, an oversight which makes them miss out on the potential incremental revenue they can generate from these...
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Patrick van der Wardt from Amadeus Shares How Hospitality Tech Can Create ‘Wow Moments’

An industry veteran of 26 years, Patrick van der Wardt, SVP International Sales at Amadeus, has seen his share of development in the hospitality industry, especially where technology is concerned. In a recent interview, he gave us the low-down on his background, his trajectory in the industry as well as his outlook on the future of the hospitality...
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How and Why Hotels Should Make Business Travelers Their Priority

With the number of business travelers rapidly increasing, it’s a surprise more hotels are not trying to attract them to their property. Are you making this mistake? If so, we’ll show you why you should correct course and start paying more attention to this undervalued segment. Of course, we’ll also share some ideas on what you can do to attract...
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