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Almost 8,000 new rooms: London hotel market heading for record year in 2020

London is already home to an impressive 158,956 hotel rooms and according to STR, 2020 will be the year with the highest number of hotel openings London has ever seen. While guests can rejoice at the ever-expanding selection, hoteliers might see this as a challenge. However, if you play your cards right, a busy market is full of opportunities....
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Navigating Today’s Hospitality Tech Jungle and Finding the Right Tools

In every area of our lives technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. New apps seem to be popping up every week. In the hospitality industry, it’s no different. Start-ups and established players alike are finding ways to make life easier for hoteliers by providing them with revenue-generating and productivity-boosting tech solutions. But...
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Why saving the planet with “Free Pizza” is the modern way of upselling

Save the planet with free pizza What comes to mind when you think of upselling? Extras like a bottle of Champagne or a room upgrade? Probably not “Save the planet with Free Pizza” or “Fons the Fish for a more social stay”. In the start of Oaky, we used to think about which services hotels would offer. But we had no idea to what extent creative...
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Talking diversity with Erik Tengen, Co-Founder of Oaky

Diversity can affect businesses in very interesting ways. Most companies have come to understand that, without a good diversity strategy in place, the chance of attracting the right talent can greatly suffer. I spoke to Erik Tengen, Co-Founder of Oaky, about how he believes diversity can help businesses drive forward and succeed. The company has...
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“Oaky got me. Again”

Last week, I met Joris. He’s a friend that I know via Oaky, also working in hotel technology and often staying in hotels. Just as we met, he smiled at me and said: “Oaky got me. Again.” “Haha, what do you mean?” I replied with anticipation. “Well. I had booked a hotel in Brussels that is using Oaky. Then before arrival, I got the pre-arrival email...
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Masters of Hospitality: Erik Tengen

Hotelschool the Hague interviewed our Master of Hospitality Erik Tengen; Successful entrepreneur in innovative online review collection. Co-founder at Oaky: “Service innovation is the heart of our business”. Simple, sexy and fast Erik Tengen explains that Oaky is a simple, sexy and fast way that motivates hotel guests to share feedback while they...
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When every complaint is an opportunity to surprise

Any hotel in the world is just one touch of a button away. So how can you engage with guests to create loyalty? Let’s step back a couple of months. Professor Vincent Magnini and I discussed his research on loyalty. He explained how hotel guests are bombarded with information and in order to get their full attention, hotels must find ways to...
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An open letter to those who’ve forgotten about healthy competition

The first time it happened I didn’t know how to feel about it. A senior employee at a multinational travel company, with TV commercials running all the time, was posing as a potential customer looking into Oaky: “Hello, I would like to schedule a demo for my parents’ hotel in Germany” Happy about the inbound lead (in this beginning phase our...
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What’s your Smooth Criminal?

  “Hi Erik, Attached you’ll find the signed offer…” is my  favourite  e-mail and a big reason for celebration. Adding another client to our portfolio is always amazing, but that super-excited feeling quickly turns into serious work again. So to boost excitement and get everyone involved we started playing a very special song for every sale,...
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Why your gun-factor is so powerful in sales

Exploit the benefits of being yourself by understanding your gun-factor. 18 months ago I experienced my very first business meeting in Holland. That was also the first time I heard of the Dutch word, the ‘gunfactor’. It was explained to me that this word contained a tremendous amount of buy-in incentives, meaning that if you had the gun-factor –...
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