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Increase up-sell conversions with the new image gallery feature

  Multiply opportunities for up-selling and let’s-book-it moments: boost your visuals game with the image gallery   We’re constantly looking to evolve our UX and UI to increase conversion –after the complete design overhaul of our guest platform, we're continuing to fine-tune details to make the most out of each guest’s experience.  As you know,...
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Launch: best converting design for hotel upselling so far

How have you been keeping busy during the COVID-19 lockdown? Here at Oaky, it’s been all hands on deck to further improve our product and increase our current average ROI of 13.8. Why? Because our goal is to make you the upselling rockstar you were meant to be, so you can make the most of market recovery when the time comes.  Keep reading to find...
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Oaky and Guestline Launch Integration

There’s more good news, so it’s time for another celebration! Oaky recently finalised a partnership with Guestline, a modern cloud-based hospitality management system used by hoteliers around the world. From now on, the two companies offer users a free one-way integration between the two systems. Now, let’s look at why this is so great… First off...
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Oaky and Cloudbeds Launch Two-Way Integration

In 2020 the good news just keeps coming – it’s already time for another fantastic update! Oaky recently partnered with Cloudbeds, one of the industry’s most widely used all-in-one hospitality management suites, to give users access to a free two-way integration between the two systems.  In case you’re wondering why this is such a big deal…   ...
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Partnership Alert: Oaky and D-EDGE Launch Integration

Bring out the Champagne because there’s a great announcement to share!  Oaky has partnered with D-EDGE, one of the world’s most widely used hotel distribution technology providers, to offer users a one-way integration between the two systems, effective immediately. Great, you might be thinking, but why is this important? Actually, there are...
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Oaky and protel Launch Integration

Missing integrations between hospitality tech solutions can make using even the best applications a source of extra work for hotel staff. Our many customers who use protel, one of the industry’s biggest hotel tech solution providers, have brought this issue to our attention and requested an integration to make using Oaky easier and quicker....
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Oaky and Amadeus Launch Two-Way Integration

While hoteliers are looking for more creative ways to accommodate the growing demand for customized service and unique stays, legacy property management systems (PMS) can often make this challenging by slowing down the communication between guests and hotels. This results in lost opportunities for creating an unforgettable experience for the guest...
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Oaky and MEWS Property Management System Launch Two-Way Integration

As technology keeps developing, it offers ever-new options for creating personalized experiences in the hospitality industry. Today’s travelers have come to appreciate and often expect this. For them, the customizability of a hotel stay has a large impact on how much they enjoy their trip overall. Hoteliers around the world understand this trend...
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