Kunden Catching up with clients: Jelle Landman from Grand Hotel ter Duin


Catching up with clients: Jelle Landman from Grand Hotel ter Duin

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Hotelier of the future
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  • Data quality limits segmentation options

When we asked about a big challenge they had prior to using Oaky, Gideon de Vries, Sales Manager explained: “With the data we had, you had to do a lot of work to find the right target audience. Now with Oaky, it's all connected. It thinks for you and you get the best results.”

  • Simplifying guest interaction

“Now it's so easy for us to interact with our guests any time, which increases their satisfaction. Guests can share directly with us what they want,” Jelle says.

“We know, for example, that guests are more willing to share from their bed on their phone because they don't have to face you. That way you get much more information from them.”

  • Efficient operations thanks to integrations

Making operations more efficient is every hotelier’s goal. In guest-facing departments like the front desk, freeing up time means staff has more opportunities for quality interactions with guests.

“Thanks to the integration between Mews & Oaky, we don't have to handpick every upgrade and add it to a guest profile anymore. It all happens automatically now, which is so much better,” Jelle states. Now his team can spend more time on their real job – making sure their guests have the best time possible at the hotel.

  • Popular packages and offers

“During the year, I think we make around 200 to 250 couples extra happy with our romantic packages. It's one of our guests' favourite upselling items and I think it's something great to surprise your husband or wife with.”

Of course, that’s not the only deal the hotel promotes via Oaky. There are plenty more fun and unexpected things guests can book to make their stay even more comfortable and memorable.

“Overall, Oaky is a great tool to surprise your guests,” Jelle concludes.

Grand Hotel der Duin & Oaky

Learn how Oaky has been making it easier for Jelle and his team to interact with guests and provide amazing service.

Grand Hotel der Duin & Oaky
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Grand Hotel der Duin & Oaky
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