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Elite Hotels of Sweden joins the Oaky family

Marieke Wisse •
Elite Hotels of Sweden joins the Oaky family

September 10, 2020, Amsterdam - Välkommen Elite Hotels of Sweden!

We're thrilled to welcome a mighty addition to our customer base– we've partnered with Elite Hotels of Sweden to roll Oaky out to their full portfolio of 39 properties. This addition marks the first major chain of Scandinavian hotels to fully become part of the Oaky family. Our part-Swedish roots couldn't be happier!

Leveraging upselling for revenue and guest satisfaction

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Elite Hotels is one of the country’s largest privately-owned hotel businesses. The group is known for its properties set in beautifully restored historical buildings, its dedication to environmental sustainability, and for always going the extra mile to delight their guests. From now on, Elite Hotels will use Oaky to further complement the well-rounded stay experience it offers.

Wondering how that might work? Here it is in a nutshell:

By pairing hard data and fun, modern guest communication, Oaky helps hotels increase revenue generated from every booking through targeted, personalised offers like room upgrade upsells and ancillary products and services.

Since hotels can fully automate this process through Oaky and travellers get the chance to tailor their stay before their arrival, both guest satisfaction and the hotel’s top line are boosted.

Not a bad deal, we think!

“At Elite Hotels we are always looking for new ways to delight our guests and offer them the most of their experience we possibly can. Seeing the great results and positive guest response that Elite Hotel Marina Tower was getting made us want to roll Oaky out to all our properties. We think it’s a great add-on service that both our guests and the hotels benefit from”
David Halldén
David Halldén
CEO at Elite Hotels of Sweden

Oaky’s first partner group in Scandinavia

Elite Hotel Stockholm Marina Tower in Stockholm was the first Elite Hotels property to adopt Oaky in 2019.

This was a way for Elite Hotels to communicate and provide an even better service for their guests shortly before they arrived. Their results included an increase in sign-ups for the group’s loyalty programme, as well as significant additional room upgrades and pre-booked food and beverage packages.

The positive response soon inspired other Elite Hotels to test Oaky and ultimately led to the group implementing the upselling platform at all its hotels, making Elite Hotels the first Scandinavian chain to partner with Oaky on such a large scale.

“It’s fantastic to welcome Elite Hotels of Sweden to the Oaky family. For us, this is quite a milestone, since it marks the first such collaboration with a major hotel group in Scandinavia and we’ll give our very best to make it a success. Elite Hotels has a lot to offer its guests and we look forward to guiding our new partners through the onboarding process and getting them started on their upselling journey,” Erik Tengen, Co-founder at Oaky

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Onboarding Elite Hotels of Sweden properties

Following the decision to roll out Oaky group-wide, Elite Hotels has been working closely with Oaky’s customer success team to make the implementation smooth and efficient and ensure the group’s ideas and requirements are considered.

"On top of general manager duties, Johan Månsson, Hotel Manager at Elite Hotels of Sweden, went above and beyond strategically planning the chain-wide roll out alongside our onboarding team; paving the way for Elite Hotels of Sweden to benefit from Oaky’s platform. Jointly, we ensured that each hotel had the best set-up from day one, to create the best possible guest experience and impressive revenue numbers for the hotel group." Saahil Karkera, Head of Customer Success at Oaky

About Elite Hotels

Elite Hotels of Sweden is one of Sweden's largest privately-owned hotel businesses and achieves annual sales of approximately €237 million.

The group currently operates 39 hotels in 25 locations around Sweden and further properties are in the pipeline for 2020 and 2021. The Bishops Arms, Sweden's leading wholly-owned pub chain, which has 41 venues around the country, is also part of the brand.

Owned and run by Bicky Chakraborty, Elite Hotels offers guests distinctive stay experiences in unique and stylish properties all while putting a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Any questions about Oaky? Feel free to reach out!

Marieke Wisse
Marketing & PR
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