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How the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin uses Oaky to boost ancillary revenue

Marieke Wisse •
How the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin uses Oaky to boost ancillary revenue
Upselling has become a buzzword, and for a good reason. It helps hoteliers generate more revenue from their inventory, sell ancillary services and increase a guest’s average spend and their satisfaction. That all sounds pretty good, right?

Thanks to automated upselling platforms, upselling can be almost effortless. Once you decide what you want to offer guests, the platform can handle everything from sending perfectly timed upselling emails to adding information to your guest’s profiles and informing relevant departments when a guest orders a fruit basket or pays for an upgrade.

Curious about other hoteliers are upselling? And what do they think about these upselling platforms?

Barbara Maxymovitz, Rooms Division Manager at the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin, about her results and experiences with Oaky.

One of the main things Barbara highlighted, was Oaky’s customisability and its ROI: “Due to its flexibility, the many design options and the perfectly timed emails, Oaky has helped us considerably increase our ancillary revenue from the first day we started using it.”

She also stressed how easy it was to get started: “Thanks to Oaky’s great team and their support, the new tool was quickly ready for use. Since the platform is well-designed and intuitive, our employees got the hang of it quickly and we were able to seamlessly integrate Oaky into our day-to-day operations.”

Of course, it’s also important what guests think of receiving upselling offers. Here’s what Barbara has experienced: “Since many customers respond directly to Oaky's emails, we now communicate more actively with our guests and they feel encouraged to ask questions about the hotel or our additional services. We know our guests appreciate the easy and quick exchange with our reservations department.”

Find out which deals work best at her hotel, how high their conversion rate is and how much ancillary revenue the Mercure generates through Oaky in the full Customer Success Story.

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