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What’s your Smooth Criminal?

Marieke Wisse •
What’s your Smooth Criminal?

“Hi Erik, Attached you’ll find the signed offer…” is my favourite e-mail and a big reason for celebration.

Adding another client to our portfolio is always amazing, but that super-excited feeling quickly turns into serious work again.

So to boost excitement and get everyone involved we started playing a very special song for every sale, Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. The connotation of Smooth Criminal have created some unexpected and fun outcomes, other than singing along to “Annie are you Oaky…”:

– Instead of “Signed contract” we say “PLAY IT”
– Instead of “Where are the sales?” we say “I want to play Michael Jackson soon”

If you listen carefully you’ll hear Michael singing “Annie are you Oaky, would you tell us that you’re Oaky”. But I warn you, if you hear it once that might be all you hear in the future :).

What’s your Smooth Criminal?

Any questions about Oaky? Feel free to reach out!

Marieke Wisse
Marketing & PR
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