Events Oaky Feature Launch: Dynamic Room Upgrade Rates

Oaky Feature Launch: Dynamic Room Upgrade Rates

OTA Insight and Oaky are partnering up! Join Joris Beerten, Commercial Director at OTA Insight and Erik Tengen, Co-founder, of Oaky for this short session to learn more about the award-winning integration released in Sep 2020.

What you can expect

Meet Oaky and OTA Insight

Short company introductions, values and partnership direction

Key partnership details

Automatically sell room upgrades at rates that follow demand, resulting in high conversion rates and a positive impact on your bottom line

How the integration works

Real-time data collection, calculation of dynamic rate supplements and final guest upgrades discussed

How the partnership and integration will benefit you

Realisting rates at all times and higher revenue conversion are just a few

Meet the speakers

Take a look at the aweome speakers for this event

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Eric Tengen

A passionate public speaker, who is crazy about music and hotel technology. Erik’s speciality is to make other people enthusiastic and to dare. What makes him genuinely happy is inspiring others to break free of old habits and give their own visions a try. Talk to Erik about Hotel technology, Entrepreneurship, Presentations/Pitching, Golf, Skiing, and DJing.

Watch the recording for: Dynamic Room Upgrade Rates Now!


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