Personalise your upsell offering to particular guest segment. Display only relevant deals based on stay duration, time of stay and availability.
Segmentation 2x


  • Show targeted, relevant deals to each guest

    Target guests based on their profile and stay type to increase chances of upsell conversion.
  • Create first-glance intrigue

    Fill your guest app with personalised deals that will catch their eye.
  • Improve guest satisfaction

    Establish yourself as considerate to varying guests’ needs.

How it works

  1. After defining guest segments in each category, hotels can control what certain guests are offered based on: stay history, reservation type, single guests vs couples and much more!
  2. Guests will see a selection of offers tailored to their specific needs. For instance, romantic packages will be shown to couples and an early bird breakfast to a solo business traveller.
  3. Hotels make the most of upselling opportunities by eliminating irrelevant deals per each guest, automatically.
In a nutshell

Oaky’s ever-evolving segmentation feature allows hoteliers to optimise upsell conversion by personalising the guest app’s display of deals per guest. If a deal is only available on Thursdays, it won’t be shown to a guest arriving for a weekend stay on Friday. If a deal offers a romantic experience, it won’t be shown to a business traveler staying for a single night in the work week. With ongoing enhancements underway on this feature, targeted upselling is becoming more effective at generating incremental revenue than ever.

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