Integrations Quicktext

Oaky + Quicktext

Use the Oaky Quicktext integration at your hotel to upsell to guests via your hotel's chatbot

Oaky Quicktext Automatically upsell through your chatbot


  • Upsell automatically

    Upsell via live chat on your hotel’s website, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

  • Reduce manual work

    Automate both your response and upselling efforts to make your live chat self-sufficient.

  • Waste no time giving guests what they need

    Avoid lengthy conversations to save your guest time.

  • Turn FAQs into incremental revenue

    Seize direct upselling opportunities before guests search for items like parking, restaurants and activities elsewhere.

  • Decrease cancellations

    Proactively offer guests relevant ancillary services that will make their stay unmissable.

  • Excellent conversion

    Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 13.8% means that, of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight book an offer.

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