How do you connect Oaky?

    We connect with several PMS systems and Channel Managers. This makes it possible for Oaky to receive information from all reservations coming to your hotel and upsell directly to your soon-to-be guests. Check out our integration page to see our current integrations and those in the pipeline.

    Can I decide which offers are sent to my guests?

    Yes. Using your web-dashboard you can create new guest-facing deals in just one minute. It’s really simple.

    Does Oaky comply with GDPR?

    Yes. You can find all necessary information on our GDPR page.

    What if we have a returning customer? Can Oaky recognize that?

    Yes. You can use the Oaky segmentation tool to send different e-mails and offers to different guests.

    Do you offer dynamic pricing for my room upgrades?

    Currently we offer static rates to upgrade from one room type to another. Dynamic upgrade pricing is in the pipeline though. Until it is released, we recommend you revise the prices weekly.

    If you find the upgrade rate unacceptable (due to a change in demand for example), you have the option to reject upgrade requests from guests via Oaky’s dashboard.

    Does Oaky have an inventory function to manage the availability of a specific service?

    This feature is currently in the works since some of our customers have requested it. Right now, we suggest you take advantage of the possibility to approve or reject requests to make sure you keep everything under control.

    What if we don't want to stress the guest with pre-arrival e-mails?

    We did a lot of tests to make sure we send the right number of e-mails to avoid stressing or annoying the guest.


    And think about it this way: just because 2% of guests might feel slightly pushed, it would be a shame to deprive the other 98% from the improved experience they will have thanks to your e-mails.

    E-mails sent are informative (as per GDPR) and are not direct marketing. Also, when the guest opens them, it is clear that they are coming from the hotel.

    We regularly ask our existing clients how their guests perceive our e-mails and so far we have not been told that recipients feel spammed or pushed.

    Does the reception get informed about new requests? If so, how?

    Every time there is a request, Oaky sends an email to one or more people in the hotel. You can set up who receives these emails in the dashboard. Oaky also sends reminder e-mails if a guest is checking in within 2 days and their request has not been handled.