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How the two-way integration between Oaky and protel automated upselling at Boutique Hotel Texel

How the two-way integration between Oaky and protel automated upselling at Boutique Hotel Texel

Boutique Hotel Texel is a family-run property on the tranquil island of Texel in the Netherlands. It offers 22 beautiful rooms and suites, a restaurant and a spa. Owner Marianne Langeveld and her team are always on the lookout for ways to further improve and personalise their guests’ experience all while keeping operations as efficient as possible. As enthusiastic users of Oaky’s digital upsell platform and the protel PMS, they were an obvious choice to pilot the two-way integration between the two systems and report on its benefits.

The two-way Oaky protel integration streamlines the upselling process and eliminates a lot of manual tasks. Now, when travellers book an offer via Oaky, the details are automatically added to a guest’s reservation and their bill. The system also sets reminders, so the team remembers to prepare the requested add-ons for guests.

“We’ve seen great results since using the two-way integration between Oaky and protel. The upselling process is now automated from start to finish and we no longer have to manually process the offer requests. That saves us about an hour a day and ensures all travellers get the deal they booked. Now, generating ancillary revenue via upselling feels almost effortless and we can spend more time on guest interactions.”
Marianne Langeveld
Marianne Langeveld
Owner of Boutique Hotel Texel

New upsell offers become possible

The two-way integration between Oaky and protel made it much easier for Boutique Hotel Texel to promote and provide their existing cross-sell offers, e.g., breakfast in bed, early check-in or late check-out. They created a new room upsell deal, something they hadn’t done with only the one-way integration place.

Before, the risk was that guests would book an upsell to a category that would sell out before they could process the request. Now, Oaky and protel communicate about upsells and room availability. When someone books an upgrade, the guest’s reservation in protel as well as the inventory are updated immediately. This means guests only receive upsell offers for available room types. It also avoids overselling and allows lower-category rooms to be resold.

Case report

Automated upselling with the protel 2-way

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Excellent ROI in many areas of business

Oaky offers Boutique Hotel Texel a fantastic ROI, especially given the little time it takes them to set up and run it. Their high open rates and the conversion rate of up to 23% brings them an average of €2.500 of monthly ancillary revenue.

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Marieke Wisse
Head of Marketing
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