Oaky free for Reopening Post COVID-19

    Our industry is struggling due to the Coronavirus and we understand that you are currently under enormous pressure. To support where we can, we want to lend a helping hand.

    What is Oaky?

    We offer an award-winning upselling platform which allows hotels to boost the guest experience and ancillary services through targeted, customized pre-arrival upselling. By sending targeted, customised emails to guests pre-arrival, Oaky allows hotels to increase the average spend and create a unique stay experience.

    Every bit of revenue helps

    Oaky's upsell performance is likely to be lower than expected due to the circumstances. At the same time, every bit of revenue helps in this downturn of demand. Therefore, we will remove all financial risk, so that you can use Oaky to make the most of the guests that still travel.  Also, we invite you to optimise your Oaky for when travel picks up again. 

    Oaky free for 90 days from go-live-date

    • Oaky for free for 90 days from go-live-date. You decide when you want to go live
    • No automatic extension to contract
    • We help you with your set-up to make it as easy as possible
    • Condition: Sign up before July 1st 2020

    How to apply?

    1. Fill in the form below
    2. Oaky will reach out to you to schedule a demo of the product
    3. After the demo next steps will be discussed


    I want to make use of this offer