Branding guidelinesrieke

Branding guidelines

“We just love orange”

So please use the orange logo as a first choice.

We just love orange

Primary colours

rgb 255 106 0

rgb 0 170 255

rgb 5 36 51

rgb 245 245 245

rgb 229 229 229

rgb 128 128 128

Secondary colours

rgb 242 48 65

rgb 92 204 101

rgb 126 89 179

rgb 255 238 51

rgb 64 64 64

rgb 26 26 26



We love bright, positive, slightly orange and pixel-perfect pictures. Do you need a picture of us or the product? Let us know here.


Optional: orange border

Frequent requested
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Stolzl, Bold, 48px
Line height: 60px,


Stolzl, Medium, 24px
Line height: 36px,


Stolzl, Regular, 18px
Line height: 26px,


Stolzl, Regular, 15px
Line height: 24px,


Stolzl, Light, 14px
Line height: 26px,


Stolzl, Regular, 10px
Line height: 16px, letter-spacing:1px

Google fonts close to Stolz:
Poppins & Questrial



Become a Rockstar at Upselling.
Nr. 1 Upselling tool for hotels 2019 at

Description max 100 words 

Oaky is a commission-free upselling platform which helps hotels maximize profit and enhance the guest experience. Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a matter of minutes, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. In short, Oaky offers upsells in a way today’s travellers enjoy and appreciate. Oaky is a trusted partner by ho(s)tels across 60 countries. (81 words)

Short Description

Oaky drives incremental revenue and enhances the guest experience through targeted pre-arrival upselling.


  • Upselling
  • Incremental Revenue
  • Guest Experience