Dynamic Room Upgrade Rates

Automatically sell room upgrades at rates that follow demand, resulting in high conversion rates and a positive impact on your bottom line.

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How it works

Dynamic Room Upgrade Rates - How it works


The Benefits of Dynamic

Room Upgrade Rates

  • Take advantage of fluctuations in room type rates. On days when suites are selling at a high price, make sure you’re getting in on the action. Upgrade rates will be automatically adjusted to demand and inventory availability.

  • Enjoy higher revenue conversion rather than number of upsells. 

  • Free and simple to start using. If you are already an Oaky customer, the Oaky team will reach out to you to see if you’d like this feature activated.

  • Keep your rates realistic. Your upgrades will never sit too high above what is being reflected in the market, so you’ll always have competitively priced rooms on offer. Ensure the gap between online selling price isn’t too far from the upsell offer for shortlead booking.

  • Automatically apply discounts to your room upgrades to keep your offering competitive.

  • Keep your upgrades available no matter what. The Oaky and OTA Insight integration will default to a fallback rate taken from Oaky if no ‘upgrade from’ rate is available.

  • Keep your data secure. OTA Insight has secured  ISO/IEC 27001:2020 certification for 2021, and Oaky has secured a SOC2 Type II certification for 2021 - both international standards for information security management systems that confirms the company’s commitment to the highest level of security protocols.



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