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Earn a profit while delighting guests

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Enhanced guest experience

Oaky gives your guests the ability to choose services and items that they personally find valuable.

More incremental revenue

Personalised upselling rooted in data, sent at optimal times, has shown to positively impact ROI.

Less manual work

Oaky harnesses the power of automation to earn you more revenue per guest without burdening your operations.

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*Are you a chain with more than 15 hotels? We can make a custom pricing for you. Please contact us to learn more.
Disclaimer: The information presented here is for demonstration purposes only, please get in touch below for further details about your property’s potential performance.

What you’ll receive

Pre-stay / In-stay (Coming soon) plan includes:

  • Training and consultation

  • Access to knowledge base

  • Online support

  • Custom guest landing page per hotel

  • Dynamic room upgrade pricing

  • Sell ancillary services

  • Manage inventory

  • Guest segmentation

  • Online revenue reporting

  • Deal library of optimised upsells

  • Chain dashboard

  • Multi-language

  • Property Management Systems integrations

  • Channel Managers integrations

  • Online Travel Agents integrations

  • Messaging, Chatbot, CRM

  • Text messaging

  • Email

  • Optimised and automated pre-arrival guest messaging

  • QR codes

  • Optimised and automated in-stay guest messaging

What customers are saying

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  • Revenue Manager
    from City Center in United Kingdom
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “Easier and more extensive upsell opportunities - Easy to use and connect to hotel systems - Professional support (thinking with you)”
  • Regional Revenue Optimisation Manager
    rom Branded in دبي (United Arab Emirates)
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “Hotels can start seeing requests coming , minutes after switching on to Live Support from Oaky specialists is just exceptional !! very quick and always there for you not to forget the live chat for ongoing support Reporting is really nice as it shows you the best vs he worst deal so you can build your action plan”
  • Director Of Revenue Management
    from Boutique in San Diego (United States)
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “This product is very easy to use, the guest experience is seamless and we are seeing a much higher open rate and conversion rate than we have seen with any other product. Results speak for themselves. The Oaky team are very responsive and easy to work with.”

Covid-19 support

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